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The terms and conditions of WorldlyArticles.com are its most important part of the business. We strongly recommend all our customers to go through our terms and conditions clauses before they place an order with us. We would also like to state here that we reserve the rights to change any of the below-mentioned clauses at any time.

Order placing and registration

Customers can place an order with the website by completing the Order Form that is provided on the website. The customer will have to ensure that he is providing all the relevant details on the order page. This comprises the customer’s personal information along with the information about the order that he is placing. The customer would also need to provide his card details through which he will be making the payment.

Order payment

• Once the customer has placed an order with us, he has to ensure that payment is done immediately as well. The order would only be started to work on, once the payment has been made by the customer.

• The payment of the order that the customer is making would be related to the current pricing that is provided on the pricing page. WorldlyArticles.com would like to inform you that unless the company receives the complete payment, the order will not be delivered to the customer.

• There are various ways through which accept payment. The payment methods are stated on the website or you can inquire from our customer support representative as well.

• At any stage, if the client believes that he is not satisfied in working with us, he can put in a request for cancellation and refund. However, we would like to mention here that if the client cancels the order at the last minute of delivery, he would not be returned the complete amount.

Order Process

We carry out an order validation once the payment has been made. The purpose of order validation is to ensure that the requirements of the assignments are fulfilled by the client. In case, the client has missed out any information, we would contact the client to ensure that the requirements are filled and we provide quality work to the customer.

The customer has the option to change his order details if he has been given something different by the professor or the university. However, we would urge the customer to immediately let our customer support staff know to stop the work on the order until new instructions are provided. This would ensure that the customer is not charged for any work that the writer has already begun to write. In case, the new instructions require an increase in the number of pages, the customer would be charged for it accordingly.

From time to time, we get customers who specifically mention the sites and resources that should be used to prepare the order. We strongly recommend that the customers provide their resources as this would ensure that the writer is using only those resources that are provided by the customer. At times, there are changes in book edition or article volume which can lead to a complete change of information from what the customer was expecting.

WorldlyArticles.com provides the option to the customers to track their order through the order information page. Once the order has been placed and payment has been made, the customer will be provided with a link to the order page and credentials through which he can log in. On the order page, he would be able to see the progress made by the writer on his order. Customers also have the option to inquire about the progress of the order from the customer support staff.

Order delivery

WorldlyArticles.com is known for delivering every order on time. We ensure that we are following the deadline closely and do not overlook it in any way. The customer must ensure that he is providing the correct email address and the email from WorldlyArticles.com is whitelisted in his inbox so that all the emails from us reach his inbox directly. In case, we are not able to provide the order on time, our customer support representative would inform the customer 24-48 hours before the delivery. This is to ensure that the customer does not have to face any trouble at his end with his university.

WorldlyArticles.com does offer a money-back guarantee; however, there are certain rules and regulations to be followed in this aspect.

Refund Policy

WorldlyArticles.com is committed to delivering the order on the given deadline. We also make certain that the requirements of the order are fulfilled as indicated on the order form. In case there is any kind of violation of any kind, we would offer the customer with a partial or a full reimbursement as per the money-back guarantee policy.

Use of our products

WorldlyArticles.com would like to make it clear that once you start using our service, you agree to the personal and non-commercial use of the product. Moreover, the payment you make is the reflection of the same aspect. The student is not allowed to reproduce, modify, distribute or displace the product in any way, on the internet or in a hard copy format to any third party. In case, the customer is involved in any such act, WorldlyArticles.com holds the right to take legal action against the customer.


WorldlyArticles.com strongly believes in no plagiarism. We have zero-tolerance towards any kind of copy-paste work. Any of our writers is found to be part of the plagiarism aspect, the said writer would be terminated immediately without any kind of explanation. Our writers do not believe in any such action and are regularly given training on how to carry out quality work.

When an order is assigned to the writer, he goes through the order requirements. Then he focuses on carrying out detailed research on the topic and collecting various sources that would be cited in the paper. Once the information is collected, the writer then starts writing the order in his own words and through his understanding. On the completion of the work, the entire paper is checked through plagiarism software.

In case, the customer wants a plagiarism report, it is provided to the customer at no extra cost.

Account information and security

Whenever a customer places an order with us and it is confirmed after the payment process, we ensure to provide the customer with an account where he would check his order progress and other details. The credentials are usually the email address of the customer and the password of his choosing, to continue the confidentiality aspect. It is important that the customer does not disclose the information to any third party or even share the credentials with anyone.

Lastly, the company has the right to change the password of the account if it feels that the account is not secure and there is an unrecognised activity going on in the account. In case of a change in password, the customer would be informed through email or any other methods of contact that the customer has provided while registering for the order placement with us.

Use of the Website; termination and suspension of use

WorldlyArticles.com would like to make it clear that the customer is to make use of our website only his own personal, non-commercial use. The customer is not allowed to make use of the website for any kind of illegal purposes, such as circulating any type of unlawful, defamatory, or abusive material which would breach the law. Any type of criminal offence would be dealt with in line with the laws and codes of practice. The customer is not allowed to make, transmit or store any kind of electronic copies of the materials that are protected by copyright which could cause harm to the company.

In case of any kind of breach, the customer would have to deal with lawful rights.